Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to the latest lone pilgrim blog

Blood Bowl is a charming little pastime being practiced on an unimportant feudal planet in the Eastern Fringes. Two teams of heavily armed and quite insane warriors pass or run the oddly-shaped ball attempting to get it into each others end zone. If a team gets the ball over the line into their opponents end zone a touchdown is scored. The team that scores the most touchdowns wins the game, although this seems secondary to the violence and carnage occuring upon the field and in the stadium at large. The fans are a savage tribal lot and regularly riot and invade the pitch.

Although this planet is yet to discover our modern technology, still being stuck in the age of gunpowder (yawn), this Blood Bowl malarkey causes as much bloodshed as a small war. Strangely cathartic...

In any case I have taken several sabbaticals upon this Emperor-forsaken backwater and on each occasion I have taken extensive notes, especially concerning the Old Albion Premier League.

The next few blog entries will outline the histories of the main teams which have competed in the Old Albion Premier League and game reports between those teams.

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