Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Week 3

Skelly Bobs 4 - 0 Lorien Dire Avengers
The undead Bobs gained their first win of the season in emphatic style, running...er shambling out four-nil winners in the end. Headcoach for the Avengers, Asurmen, was on a fortnights holiday through space and time in the grim darkness of future war, which may account for the Elves lacklustre showing. He had the last laugh on his return though when he unleashed the most hideous, evil force imaginable upon the skeletons in revenge; lawyers. The SkellyBobs financial irregularities were only overcome by judicious greasing of the wheels of justice, i.e. handing over their winnings to the bloodsucking fiends.

Moriar Crushers 2 - 0 Hexgate Slammers
The Crushers were hot favourites to win this game against the Dark Elves and their threadbare side, and the Dwarfs did not disappoint, notching up a comfortable two-nil win. Twice the pointy-eared harbingers of evil were ground down to three players left on the pitch as the dwarfs marched inexorably forward, and the only bad point for the Crushers was an argument between their two Blitzers following a touchdown.

Gorechildren 3 - 0 Middenheim Raiders
This match degenerated into a bloodbath right after the kickoff and The Mighty Zug and Morg 'n' Thorg were prominent on the line of scrimmage for the Raiders. Rarely has a Chaos team been so soundly duffed over in a straight fight, as the casualty rating for the match shows. The Gorechildren proved to have more guile, though, as the Humans took their eye off the ball once too often, and the Chaos team duly punished them, scoring an impressive three touchdowns.

Gutter Runners 3 - 1 Hells Teef Rippas
The skittering Skaven have an unbeaten record of three wins from three games after this entertaining match. The Orcs failed to get to grip with the Runners in the first half, and were suddenly two touchdowns behind. The Skaven stretched their lead to three after the break as finally the Orcs found some form, but they could only score a consolation touchdown.

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