Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Week 4

Skelly Bobs 1 - 3 Hexgate Slammers
This bottom of the league clash turned out to be an entertaining affair, although it was only watched by 17,000 fans. The Slammers Witch-elves dominated this game, scoring all three touchdowns between them, while the Bobs could only score once in return. The Dark Elves scored early in the first half and the Undead drove down the pitch to try and level the scores. The game hinged on this moment just before half-time and the difference for the Skelly Bobs going into the second half at 1-1 or 2-0 down was immense. In the end the ball fell more kindly for the Slammers and they quickly switched the play to go in two up. Each team scored in the second half and the Dark Elves recorded their first win of the season.

Moriar Crushers 0 - 1 Hells Teef Rippas
48,000 baying fans turned up to watch this Orc v Dwarf grudge match. Although the game was not high-scoring it was a very tense affair as each team maneuvered for advantage. Predictably the game degenerated into a vicious brawl on the line of scrimmage and the scores stayed level at half-time, despite a Crushers interception. What do they feed these Dwarves on?

The Rippas gained the edge in the second half when they knocked out three Dwarves and they brought their numerical advantage to bear, Blister Spikeskull running over for the only touchdown of the game. After the game the Rippas managed to steal the Crushers winnings and used the extra crowns to tempt 'Ripper' Bolgrot, Troll Blocker extraordinaire, into their team.

Gorechildren 2 - 0 Lorien Dire Avengers
This match pitched the top team against the bottom team and the result should have been a formality, but the Avengers chose to play some of the best Bloodbowl of their season and could have scored in the first half. Gradually the Gorechildren asserted themselves though, and the casualties and the touchdowns began to roll in.

So the Gorechildren go clear at the top, while the Wood Elves remain rooted to the bottom of the league. Frustrated Avengers coach Asurmen called his teams display wooden in the post-game conference. With a tiny crowd of only 5,000 as well, could there be trouble in the Wood Elf camp?

Middenheim Raiders 1 - 2 Gutter Runners
The Raiders looked to be in control of this game as they went in at half-time one up and were to receive the ball in the second half. Griff Oberwald scored the touchdown in typically bravura fashion as he single handedly tried to drag the Raiders into the play-offs. But if there is one thing the Skaven can do it's score touchdowns and they set about the task immediately in the second half. The rat-ogre took out the ball carrier Morg and the rats broke for the touchdown. The Runners and Raiders went head to head again after the next touchdown and against odds the Skaven came out with the ball, carrying over in the dying seconds to win this breathtaking game.

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