Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Play-offs

Gorechildren 0 - 1 Hells Teef Rippas
Would the Gorechildren make the final for the fourth straight year? After a riot which held up the kick off the Orcs won the toss and chose to kick off to the Gorechildren. The game started out badly for them as a chaos warrior received the ball and dropped in behind the line of scrimmage, only to be blitzed by a Black Orc Blocker. Blast Sweatgut, Orc thrower, picked up the ball and threw it back into the Orc half. The heavens promptly opened and the Chaos team could not regain the ball so they instead settled for pounding the Rippas. Several Orcs were put into the apothecaries tent, and although they managed to keep the ball they could not score before the half ended.

The Rippas received in the second half and drove to their right, behind a line of Black Orcs and their Troll. A melee developed which involved Ripper Bolgrot and Lord Borak going toe to toe. Borak was pushed onto the sideline, and Smite Elfguzzler blitzed him off the pitch! With the Chaos captain out of the way the Rippas forged ahead, shrugging off a couple of blitzes, and were halted just short of the Chaos goal line. The Orcs tried a short pass, but a Chaotic spy had watched their practice games and the Gorechildren spoiled the play. As a beastman picked up the ball, and the clock ticked down, it seemed like the game would go into extra time. But the Orcs had different ideas and managed to blitz the beastman, knocking the ball loose. It was left to Loon McMoon to pick up the ball and sprint for the end zone. In the dying seconds of the game he triumphantly planted the ball in Gorechildren's end zone to win the game for the Hells Teef Rippas and take them into the final.

Moriar Crushers 1 - 2 Gutter Runners
The Dwarfs had to be favourite for this game having qualified for the play-offs twice before and having beaten the Skaven already earlier in the season. They took the lead first too, against the run of play, when the Skaven Thrower was tripped by a Dwarven Blitzer and the Dwarfs picked up the ball. They pushed forward and after a ferocious struggle a Troll Slayer scored the touchdown.

The Skaven were up against it now as they had to kick off to the Crushers in the second half. The Dwarfs let the Runners in though, when they went for a long bomb which failed. The Skaven pounced and quickly levelled the scores. The fight intensified as the Skaven two-headed Thrower was killed and another rat was seriously injured. The Crushers went for the win when they attempted another long throw but they couldn't pull it off and the Runners recovered the ball for a second time. The speedy Skaven then raced for the Crushers end zone and scored again to put themselves in the final for the first time.

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