Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Week 5

Skelly Bobs 1 - 1 Middenheim Raiders
This was a game that neither team could afford to lose and by the final whistle a draw was a fair result. The Undead team took the lead in the first half when the Raiders failed a short pass in their backfield and Steve Wight collected the ball, shrugged of a block and drove over the line to score. Von Keeganstein gave a half-time pep talk to his team and they responded in the second half. The scorer? Who else but Griff Oberwald. Both teams remain in the bottom half of table with only one game to go. Wins are required if either team wants to reach the pay-offs.

Hells Teef Rippas 2 - 0 Gorechildren
This game was a very tense affair and could have gone either way. The Gorechildren were favourites being unbeaten in the league so far, and kicked off to the Rippas to begin the game. The Chaos defence held firm and it was 0-0 at half time.

As the Gorechildren attacked in the second half their beastman ball carrier suddenly left the field in the grip of a Lurve Potion. The Orcs reacted quickly to gather the ball, only for Lord Borak to Time Warp, killing Thrash Coldblade in a block then breathing down the neck of the blitzer with the ball. In fact four Chaos players ended up surrounding Hackflesh Grind but could not bring him down. He switched play to the other wing with a desperate throw and this put the Gorechildren on the back foot. Although they recovered the ball they then failed a hand-off in a crucial play which could have won them the game, but in the end it cost them the game. The Rippas thrower, Blister Spikeskull, scooped up the ball and staggered over for the touchdown.

There was no real way for the Gorechildren to respond as they were out of time but the Orcs weren't finished yet. Slash Swordflux taunted Lord Borak to such a degree that the Chaotic captain threw an illegal block and was promptly sent off. This left a gaping hole in the Gorechildrens defence which the Orcs exploited, along with a kind kick-off, to drive down the centre of the field and steal another touchdown.

So the Gorechildren lose their first match of the season but still look certain to qualify for the play-offs. Will the Hells Teef Rippas be joining them?

Gutter Runners 1 - 2 Moriar Crushers
60,000 baying fans turned up for this Dwarf versus Skaven grudge match. Would the Dwarven defence hold up against the Skaven offense? Could the Crushers catch up with the slippery Runners? Would the referee spot the Dwarfs fouling the prone Skaven?

The Gutter Runners shocked the Dwarfs by scoring almost immediately after the kick-off. 1-0 to the Gutter Runners. The Dwarfs received the ball and drove forward themselves, knocking several players out and killing another on the way, and as the first half drew to a close they levelled the game at 1-1.

The Crushers started with the ball in the second half and held onto it tenaciously, until the ball fell to a skaven thrower. As the perfect spiral was thrown the stadium crowd held its breath and Troll Slayer number three leapt like a salmon to pluck the ball out of the air for an interception! The Moriar Crushers broke right in a carbon copy of their first half play. But this time Skaven Rat Ogre blocker Headsplitter was on hand, steaming in on the Dwarven runner carrying the ball. Another Troll Slayer saw the danger though, and in a crackerjack blitz he knocked Headsplitter off the pitch and into the middle of next week. So the Crushers ran over to score the winner, and go into second place in the league, almost certain to qualify for the play-offs. The Gutter Runners themselves, despite this defeat, still seem destined to qualify too.

Lorien Dire Avengers 0 - 3 Hexgate Slammers
Only 13,000 fans turned up for this bottom of the table clash and they were in for a poor display. Asurmen, the Avengers head coach, was kidnapped before the game and several of the Wood Elf team were missing through injury. This meant the result was never really in doubt, though the Dark Elves own incompetence almost let the Elves in several times. Fortunately for the Slammers the Avengers were almost as bad and could not capitalise on the Dark Elves sloppy play. In the end Spike Steel scored two touchdowns, and Angelica Hewstone scored one to win the game for the Hexgate Slammers. The Avengers had the last laugh when they 'forced' the Dark Elves to give their winnings to charity.

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