Saturday, April 19, 2008

TEAM PROFILE: Hexgate Slammers

Dark Elves are generally quite superb Blood Bowl players, combining agility and amazing athletic ability with low cunning and an evil temperament. Although best suited to the throwing game, sheer spite makes the Dark Elves enjoy the running game, especially when a side throws up a remarkable Blitzer like Jeremiah Kool.

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Team Profile
The Slammers were the second Dark Elf team to join the league, after the Howling Banshees. Their Head Coach, Jools Lamprey, is an ex-player and rules with an iron fist (as well as a long whip). His motto is 'All is fair in war and Bloodbowl' and he has been known to employ underhand tactics on more than one occasion.

The Slammers start the season slowly but manage to qualify for the play-offs. They are drawn against arch-rivals, and Dark Elf team, the Howling Banshees in the semi-final, and controversially win 2-1 to land a place in the final. The Gorechildren manage to stop the previously free-scoring Slammers and take the game.

The Slammers go from strength to strength and breeze through their semi-final with the Blood Rivva Nobblas. They take no chances in the final this time and kidnap the Gorechildren's head coach, while 'persuading' two beastmen to skip the final. The Dark Elves win 2-1 and to add insult to injury, ransom the Gorechildren's Head Coach back to the Chaos team for their takings from the game. In a further twist the Slammers cheerleaders disappear with the ill-gotten gains and several of the starting line up. Head Coach Lamprey must now face the new season with a severely depleted squad.

The Slammers get off to a terrible start losing their first three games of the season. With nothing but pride to play for Coach Lamprey comes out of retirement to take to the field once more and the team rallies, going unbeaten for their final three games. Lamprey vows to stay on as player-coach for the 2499 season.

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