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TEAM PROFILE: Wolfenburg Shadows

Although Human teams do not have the individual strengths or outstanding abilities available to other races, they do not suffer from any outstanding weaknesses either. This makes Human teams extremely flexible, equally at home running the ball, passing it, or ignoring it and pounding the opposition into the turf instead!

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Team Profile
The Middenheim Raiders are one of the first founding Bloodbowl teams, helping to launch the Far Albion Bloodbowl league way back in 2495, albeit under the name Middenheim Steelers. Already, even in their short lifespan, the team has gone through numerous highs and lows including the resignation of two head coaches, a change of franchise, an appearance in a league final, and a bottom of the league finish. The fans are kept thoroughly entertained by the Raiders off the field shenanigans, irrespective of their on field fortunes, and more are surely to follow.

The Steelers pull off a coup when the sign The Mighty Zug for the inaugural F.A. league. When he is killed in the first block of the first game of the league it turns out that he is in fact The Not-So-Mighty Lug, a distant cousin of Zug. Despite this, the Steelers end up second in the league and qualify for the final. However, they finish runners-up to the Gorechildren.

A disappointing season for the Steelers as they fail to emulate their success of the previous season. They finish seventh in the newly expanded league. Head coach Marcionius de Bergerac resigns. New coach Marcellus de Bergerac, cousin of the previous coach promises a big signing for next season.

Even with the audacious signing of Morg 'n' Thorg, from right under the nose of the Gorechildren, the Steelers frustrate their fans and finish bottom of the league. Their coach is sacked, and the team is subject to a hostile takeover by Surgeon Hall, an eccentric Middenheim Doctor and property developer. The team is renamed the Middenheim Raiders, and ex-Steelers player von Keeganstein installed as new head coach. He sweeps the changes, and reaches for the chequebook, signing The Mighty Zug and Griff Oberwald. With the new league format in place, the Raiders fans are hoping to return to the highs of their first season.

Now renamed the Raiders, the Middenheim team start brightly, beating the Hells Teef Rippas. Griff scores all three touchdowns and this sets the pattern for the season. When Griff's form dips the team struggles and they narrowly miss out on the play offs. In a rare outburst Von Keeganstein says that he 'would love it' if he could win the league next season.

The following is an open letter from Marcionius de Bergerac, written after the 2496 season:

To the team and fans, this is my formal resignation, for I feel I have failed you. Some may say it would be easier to blame the team and a spate of ill luck. But I won't. I accept full responsibility for our current position of "worst Bloodbowl team in the league". But bear me no ill will for I done my best! So I hand the team to my successor (who is also my cousin) Marcellus de Bergerac and pray to Sigmar that he will do better and restore the team to it's former, if brief, state of glory. I leave you with the words I have used so often "there's always next season."

Yours Humbly

Marcionius de Bergerac

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