Saturday, April 19, 2008

TEAM PROFILE: Gutter Runners

They may not be all that strong, they certainly aren't tough, but boy oh boy are Skaven fast! Many an opponent has been left in the starting blocks as fast-moving Skaven players scamper through a gap in the line and run in for a lightening fast touchdown.

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Team Profile
The Runners replaced the Skinflayers in 2497, quickly displaying a combination of raw power through their Rat Ogre, and skittering speed with their catchers. If they can survive the rigours of a long season without too many injuries they could be the team to watch.

The Skaven set an all time league record win in their first ever game, beating the Wolfenburg Shadows 8-0. Their title challenge stalls however, and they narrowly miss out on the play-offs.

The Gutter Runners storm into the play-offs in a flurry of touchdowns. They overcome arch rivals, the Dwarven Moriar Crushers, to secure a place in the final, but are defeated by the Hells Teef Rippas. Will the team return next season? Has the head coach perfected his gene splicing experiments with the rat ogre? Can they go one better and win it in 2499?

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