Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Week 2

Skelly Bobs 1 - 4 Gutter Runners
The Bobs fell to a second straight defeat as vampire star player Count Luthor was out of sorts. The Runners took full advantage and quickly raced to a 3-0 lead at half time, swarming past the static undead defence. Fans invaded the pitch in the second half to show their displeasure, and the Bobs responded when Luthor threw to the ghoul for a touchdown. It was no more than a consolation though, as the rats scored a final touchdown to round off an emphatic victory.

Moriar Crushers 1 - 1 Middenheim Raiders
On paper this match looked like a slugfest, and it certainly began like one as Zug was knocked out and Griff Oberwald badly hurt a Dwarven trollslayer. Griff then recovered the ball and broke from the line of scrimmage, leaving the wheezing dwarfs trailing in his wake and he ran over for the first touchdown of the game.

The Dwarven response was immediate; their fans knocked out a Raider catcher by throwing stadium seats at him. The dwarfs received in the second half and formed up into a formidable block to grind forward. Then the Raiders used their magical spell, Grasping Tentacles of Altanson, to trip the ball carrier and Griff dodged in to pick up the ball and throw the ball. The Crushers weren't finished though, and they seriously injured the receiver, recover the ball and attempt a throw! Predictably it was well wide of the mark but the ball hit a prone lineman and was caught in a longbeards long beard! The bemused dwarf ran over for a touchdown.

The rest of the game dissolved into a comedy of errors as Griff tried to break the line and the dwarfs tried another throw before the final whistle was blown.

Gorechildren 1 - 0 Hexgate Slammers
The scoreline of this game does not reflect the one-sided nature of this match.

The depleted Slammers team were further hammered by the vicious Gorechildren who ended up killing two players and injuring two more. In the second half the Chaos team scored the only touchdown of the game, and the Dark Elves could not reply. The only consolation for the Elves was that they managed to trick the authorities into banning the chaotic fans from the stadium.

Meanwhile the Gorechildren climbed to the top of the league with this powerful display.

Lorien Dire Avengers 0 - 2 Hells Teef Rippas
The Elves were still smarting from last week's defeat and looked to avenge themselves, and salvage their pride, against the Orcs. The Rippas did not play along though, with Dingbat McSmash scoring both touchdowns and Ike Goblinbaiter causing three casualties.

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