Saturday, April 19, 2008

TEAM PROFILE: Moriar Crushers

Dwarfs seem to be the ideal Blood Bowl players, being short, tough, well-armoured, and having this stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams work to the principle that if they can take out all of the other team's potential scorers, and wear down the rest, then there won't be anybody left to stop them scoring the winning touchdowns!

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Team Profile
The Moriar Crushers joined the league in 2496 and started out as the Blood River Rockers, but were forced to relocate after falling out with the local town burghers. Anvila, a true rarity as a female Dwarf Bloodbowl coach, growing tired of their sexist behaviour, tore out the Dwarf Lords beard and used it in her morning ablutions. The Dwarf team moved to the dark, dank, Dwarfhold of Moriar after cleaning out the Orcs, Goblins, Fire Daemons and mixed race hiking parties.

Coach Anvila displayed few feminine charms in her first match; as the opposing coach bowed before her she delivered a swift kick to his family jewels and cried "Into them! Forget the ball! Kill, kill, kill!".

Meanwhile, the Rockers make a name for themselves as they notch up the casualties and qualify for the play-offs. They run into trouble however, in the shape of the Gorechildren who narrowly win 1-0 and end the Rockers season. The Dwarfs cause a record 15 casualties for the season.

In one of her more unusual practice sessions Anvila employed a teacher from the Altdorf School of Ballet to loosen up the traditionally stiff Dwarfs, and surprised many a team with her leaping and pirouetting players. They qualified for the play-offs once more, only to be drawn against the Gorechildren once again. The Chaos team won and Anvila vented her anger on the Dwarf Lord, forcing the move to Moriar. Several top players were killed in the fight to take the Dwarfhold, while others were lured into the Old World Leagues with the promise of gold. Now renamed the Moriar Crushers could Anvila lead her Dwarfs to the play-offs for a third time?

Anvila leads hers Dwarfs in a typically solid campaign, never dropping out of the top three places all season. Those ballet lessons are still playing off as the Dwarfs make numerous interceptions and show good agility. They even develop a rough and ready throwing game! The Crushers meet their match in the semi final though, drawing the Gutter Runners and going out. Three seasons, three semi final exits. Can Anvila take her Dwarfs to the next level and reach the final?

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