Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2498 GAME REPORT: Week 6

Skelly Bobs 1 - 1 Hells Teef Rippas
The Hells Teef Rippas needed at least a draw to make the play-offs while the Skelly Bobs wanted to win big and hoped that other results went their way. A suitably tense match followed, first one team gaining the upper hand, then the other. The Orcs powerful front line found their equal in the Undead equivalent, causing three casualties apiece and both teams scored a single touchdown to tie the game. So the Rippas are through while the Bobs must look to next season.

Moriar Crushers 1 - 1 Gorechildren
This top of the table clash would not decide the teams going forward into the play-offs (unless the Crushers were defeated very heavily) but it may be an indicator as to which of the teams would have the upper hand. In the event neither team got the advantage as the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The Moriar Crushers took the lead in an unlikely throwing touchdown in the first half, when a surrounded Dwarf threw a perfect spiral to a waiting Runner who then ran for the end zone, leaving a trail of scorched grass in his wake. The Gorechildren scored a touchdown of their own through a chaos warrior to tie the game and predictably the game then degenerated into a mass brawl on the line of scrimmage. The only surprise was that only one casualty was caused during the whole game.

Gutter Runners 2 - 2 Lorien Dire Avengers
The high scoring Gutter Runners had to be favourites over the Loren Dire Avengers who had failed to score in any of their last five games. The Runners received first and drove forward. The Avengers dropped back and ganged up on the Rat Ogre to bring him down, fouling him as he fell. Meanwhile the Skaven failed a straightforward hand off and the Avengers were in! A catcher dodged in, recovered the ball and threw it to a waiting wardancer, who sprinted away toward the Skaven end zone and scored.

The shocked Runners were sent reeling again when the Wood Elves scored a second to go in two nil up. The Skaven pulled one back early in the second half but surely it was too late to get back into the game? Well, they managed the impossible to collect the ball and tied the game just as the final whistle blew. The Runners guaranteed their place in the last four, while the Avengers finish rock bottom. Will we see the Wooden Elves at all next season?

Middenheim Raiders 3 - 3 Hexgate Slammers
With the Moriar Crushers having played and drawn earlier in the day neither of these teams could qualify for the play-offs. They could have been forgiven then for simply going through the motions but this turned out to be the highest scoring match of the season. Griff was the star man for the Raiders, scoring two touchdowns and making another, while Angelica Hewstone scored all three for the Slammers. So both teams finish in the bottom half and must look to next season.

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