Sunday, April 13, 2008

TEAM PROFILE: Blood Rivva Nobblas

A Goblin team's game plan owes much more to hope than potential. Goblins can make quite good catchers because they are small and agile, but the art of throwing is sadly lost to them, while the chances of their blocking anything larger than a Halfling are remote to say the least. Still, this never seems to bother Goblin players, and occasionally the use of a particularly devious secret weapon will even allow a Goblin team to win a match.

Team Profile
The Nobblas were one of the four founding teams which began the Old Albion Premier League in 2495, along with the Gorechildren, the Howling Banshees and the Wolfenburg Shadows. Their first manager, Olde Weazel, was well known for his hare-brained schemes and the Nobblas became notorious for their 'inventive' rules interpretations.

The Nobblas show that they are not just in the league to make up the numbers as they beat the Shadows, draw with the Banshees and only lose to the Gorechildren. Still, it is not quite enough to take them to the final, and they vow to go one step better next year.

Writing off the 2495 season as lucky, many believe the Nobblas will be found out this year, but they defy expectations and go unbeaten in all three games. Unfortunately this also includes two draws, and with a mounting injury list the Nobblas narrowly fail to qualify for the play offs. A change of management ensues, not for tactical reasons but because Rippa the Troll was hungry and Weazel was handy.

New Head Coach, known only as the Sconemeister, takes over and introduces some revolutionary ideas to the Nobblas. Concepts such as training and practicing are light years ahead of any other Goblins thinking on the game and it pays off quickly as the Nobblas qualify for the play-offs. They go out to the Slammers but worse was to follow as the Moriar Crushers, who also lost their semi-final match, were scheduled to take the same riverboat back up the Blood River. Sconemeister made a comment about Anvila's beard and the two teams went to war. The Nobblas have never been seen again.

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