Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2500 GAME REPORT: Week 2

Lorien Avengers 0 vs 2 Moriar Crushers
Both the Avengers and Crushers came into this game on a high having won their first games. They knew that just one more win was almost certain to propel them into the play-offs. The first blow for the Wood Elves came when Adonis Saracen, their Wardancer and captain, called in sick before the game. Asurmen insisted it was due to a niggling leg injury but Anvila suggested he was staying at home doing his hair!

79,000 excited fans took their seats in perfect Blood Bowl weather to watch the Dwarfs kick-off to the Wood Elves. The match soon turned into a comedy of errors as Carel Marchant tried and failed to pick up the ball for the Avengers which allowed Alabrin Kai to blitz in. He tripped over his beard and missed his chance to steal the ball. Carel breathed a sigh of relief and bent over to pick up the ball - only to watch it slip out of his fingers. Bakarak Brown took his chance and picked up the ball but he was soon pummelled to the ground and the ball squirmed free. Again the Wood Elves rushed in and again the ball rolled around the pitch.

Eventually Brown scooped up the ball for a second time and made for the Avengers end zone. He broke a couple of tackles to run over for the touchdown at the end of the first half.

The Wood Elves kicked off to the Dwarfs in the second half keen to reduce the deficit. They couldn't get the ball, though. Both Apollo Cathe and Sanron Estillian were badly hurt and that mean Bakarak Brown could zig-zag his way the length of the pitch to score his second td of the game.

The only blemish for the Crushers were their demanding fans; some of them were so disgusted at the lack of Elf casualties they stopped supporting the team altogether! Nevertheless it looks like the Dwarfs are in the play-offs while the Wood Elves need another win to be in with a chance.

Wolfenburg Shadows 2 vs 1 Gorechildren
Despite being only the second game of the season for these teams, this was a must win match. Both the Shadows and the Gorechildren had lost their first matches so another loss would see them fail to qualify for the play-offs. A draw would do neither of them any good.

59,000 Shadows fans turned out in force against the Gorechildren's measly 4,000 followers and cheered on their team to the first touchdown. 'Cool Hands' Luke ran the length of the pitch to score and the Humans surprised the Chaos team by putting two of their Beastmen in the Apothecary tent. Slash Swordflux evened the score somewhat when he gouged the eye of Jaq Drastique who subsequently missed the rest of the game.

With only seconds to go to the end of the half the Gorechildren went for a long throw but the sun got into their catcher's eyes and he dropped the ball.

The Chaos team kicked the ball back to the Humans at the start of the second half. Ichor Axegore moved the ball upfield and handed off to Blunt Rabidsore who scored a quick touchdown in reply. The scores were now level and both teams knew they had to score to reach the play-offs.

Ichor Axegore seconds before he hands off to Blunt Rabidsore

The Shadows received the ball and immediately went for the long throw. Despite an inaccurate throw, Wil Munny managed to retrieve the ball and deftly dodge away from Moulder Blackfire. As he raced toward the endzone Ichor Axegore made a desperate last-gasp tackle...but failed to make contact. Munny crossed the line and gave the Shadows a 2-1 win.

So the Gorechildren are out of the play-offs and the Shadows have at least a chance to go into their last game. Their chances must have improved with the acquisition of Thorgh Gutbuster, a viscious Ogre.

Gutter Runners 4 vs 0 Hexengate Slammers
Skaven versus Dark Elf Blood Bowl matches tend to be brutal and high scoring and this game was no different. Despite harsh sunshine beating down upon the players, both teams tried to play a passing game. The Gutter Runners received first but quickly lost the ball to a failed throw. The Slammers responded by picking up the ball and trying to batter through the Runners' lines. A last-ditch trip saw Rubric Coldblade fumble the ball and the Skaven regain control. They quickly handed the ball off to Fury Dreadeye who scampered over for the touchdown.

The Dark Elves received the ball and pushed forward eager to level the scores. They simply couldn't stop the Skaven from breaching their defences, though, and Scummer scooped up the loose ball. He ran up and handed off to Sting Blackbreak who made the score 2-0 to the Gutter Runners at half time.

Again the Slammers received the ball and again they swarmed forward for the early touchdown. A failed throw let in Crick Knucklewort who completed his own throw to allow Scummer to make the score 3-0 and put the game beyond the Dark Elves.

The Slammers got the ball once again, determined to salvage some pride. Felon Despair, their star thrower, kept up his rotten performance by misjudging yet another throw and letting the Skaven in yet again. Krank Bilgerot threw the perfect spiral but it was expertly plucked out of the air by Felon Despair! Could he make one last throw to at least make the score respectable? The answer was no, as his own long pass was intercepted on the line of scrimmage by Vermin Rabidsore. Unbelievable! No interceptions in the league so far then two in one game!

Rabidsore bolted into the Slammers half to hand off the ball to Fury Dreadeye to complete the romp and leave the score at 4-0.

So this result puts the Slammers out of contention for the play-offs and all but ensures the Gutter Runners qualify. The burning question is - will anyone be able to stop them?

Hells Teef Rippas 2 vs 0 Skinflayers
The Skinflayers were the red-hot favourites going into this game as they had won eight games straight, in a run stretching back to the early 2499 season. Meanwhile the Hells Teef Rippas had lost their first game and could fail to make the play-offs with a loss against the Undead.

The Skinflayers received the ball at the start of the game and immediately a vicious fight broke out on the line of scrimmage. The Undead brought two mummies to the party while the Orcs had three Black Orc blockers and their newly acquired Troll, Durr.
Crucially, the Orcs won the battle and knocked both mummies into the apothecaries tent. The damage was obviously severe as they didn't reappear for the rest of the match. For their own part, the Undead managed to put Gitsnik Foulhead out of the game.

This allowed the Hells Teef Rippas to dominate the fights and they turned over the ball late in the first half. Grimgor Borgut collected the ball and powered over to score just before the half-time whistle.

Now the Orcs received the ball with the Undead deploying in an unorthodox deep formation. This was fortunate for the Orcs as their frontline collapsed when Durr the Troll forgot how to block and was kicked while he was down. The Skinflayers still put some early pressure on Kroksnick Blackskull as an unnaturally animated Zombie raced to sack the Orc Thrower deep in the Rippas half.

Blackskull broke free and drove up the left. The Orc line of scrimmage recovered and began to batter the Undead back, smashing skeletons and Ghouls off the pitch. This allowed The Orc thrower to make the short pass to Gazgrim Rok who ran over to put the game beyond the Skinflayers.

So the Skinflayers' winning streak is ended and their qualification for the play-offs is in question while the Hells Teef Rippas now have a fighting chance to go all the way.

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